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Medical Malpractice and Shoulder Dystocia Attorneys

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Medical Malpractice and Shoulder Dystocia

Baby shoulder dystocia occurs when after the delivery of the head, the shoulder of a newborn gets stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone. This occurrence requires special attention and care from the doctors and medical care providers, as it can result in damage to nerves in the baby’s shoulder and neck that would risk paralysis and permanent disability. Brain injury is also a risk of shoulder dystocia if delivery of the baby is mismanaged.

If your baby was injured as a result of negligent delivery and shoulder dystocia, contact our law firm immediately for compassionate and experienced legal representation in medical malpractice cases. You may be entitled to compensation for your babys’ suffering and compensation to pay your child’s medical bills and future medical expenses.

The Obstetrician’s Responsibility to You and Your Baby

While it is difficult to predict whether a baby will be at risk of shoulder dystocia, there are many factors that a doctor should recognize as potential signs of delivery problems. These include large infants, an abnormally narrow birth way, diabetic mothers, or failure on the part of the doctor to perform certain screening tests. Failure to offer or provide a c-section to the mother after knowing an infant was abnormally large may qualify as negligence and malpractice if the infant experiences shoulder dystocia and is injured.

While larger infants are more at risk, normal weight babies are at risk as well. If you feel your baby was injured during delivery, don’t dismiss your own case because your infant is not abnormally large.

Medical Malpractice and Shoulder Dystocia Birth Injuries Attorneys

We rely on medical professionals to provide a certain standard of care, a standard that includes the safe and effective delivery of our children when their eyes first gaze upon the world. If a medical professional fails to meet that standard then the mother may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering, disability, and medical bills that resulted from their child’s injury.

If you feel your child suffered an injury during birth as the result of doctor, hospital, or post-operative nursing care negligence, contact our law offices as soon as possible. Medical malpractice law is notoriously complicated and confusing, so having an experienced medical malpractice trial lawyer will be vital in sorting out the facts of your case and in establishing liability on the part of the medical provider.

We work hard to get you compensation fast, but if we are not able to obtain a fair settlement for you, we we will  go to court to  hold those responsible for your baby’s injuries accountable for their actions.

Call us today at (301) 838-0199 to schedule a free initial consultation, or use the contact form provided on this site.

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Wrongful death and medical malpractice attorneys Michael Ain and Gary Stein have recovered millions of dollars for victims of medical errors. Our law firm offers a free consultation and takes cases on a contingent fee basis.


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