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Distracted Driver Car Accident Attorneys, Rockville

About Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

Many times, single-car accidents are caused by unsafe road conditions or even by product defects such as brake failure or tire blowouts. But a surprising number of these accidents happen when cars swerve to avoid colliding with another car or truck that is out of control because the driver distracted by talking on a cell phone, texting, listening to an iPod, arguing with a spouse, lighting a cigarette, simply not paying attention.

Because accidents caused by “distracted drivers” have increased over the past 15 years, many states have enacted laws to restrict or ban the use of cell phones while driving.

Maryland Cell Phone Laws

Maryland law prohibits or restricts the use of cellphones while driving as follows:

  • It is illegal in Maryland for any driver to text message or read texts while driving.
  • The use of handheld cell phone is illegal for all drivers.
  • Drivers under the age of 18 and drivers with learner’s permits or intermediate (provisional) licenses are prohibited from using any cell phones, even Blue Tooth devices and hands-free cell phones while driving.
  • School bus drivers may not use a cell phone at all while driving if there are passengers on board except in an extreme emergency.

Proving Liability in Distracted Driver Cases

It is not only illegal to use a handheld cell phone or text while driving in Maryland, it is extremely dangerous because looking away from the road for even a brief moment can lead to an accident. In some accidents caused by illegal texting, authorities have been able to correlate the exact time a text was sent to the time of the accident, establishing liability beyond a shadow of a doubt. This may or may not  be a viable option in your case, but there are other ways to establish that the texting driver was at fault.

In single-car accidents where you had to swerve to avoid hitting another car because the other driver was distracted, insurance companies may disbelieve your claim that the accident was not your fault. Even if you’re not able to obtain the other vehicle’s license number or other identifying information (such as the color or model of the vehicle), the team of experts at Ain & Stein LLC may be able to reconstruct the accident in a way that demonstrates that you were not at fault.

Distracted Driver Car Accident Attorneys

Rockville, Maryland Law Offices

If you were injured in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver, call us to discuss your case before accepting an insurance settlement offer.  Because the factors that contribute to an accident are different in every case, we offer a free consultation.  Our attorneys can tell you if you have a case, and advise you of your rights.  Insurance companies are businesses — they are not your legal advocate and may attempt to convince you that you have no right to compensation for damages, or offer you an amount less than what is fair.

For your free initial consultation:

Attorneys Michael Ain and Gary Stein have recovered millions of dollars for victims of accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, mass transit. From personal injury law offices in Rockville, MD, our trial lawyers for plaintiffs represent accident victims throughout Washington, DC and Maryland.


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