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Representative Cases – Family Law

Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law Matters • Montgomery County, Rockville, MD Lawyers

About Our Family Law Practice and Legal Services

Representative Family and Domestic Law Cases

Child Snatching. The Israeli man was married to our client, an American citizen. When our client learned that her husband planned to flee to Israel with their son where domestic law was more favorable to its male citizens, one of our lawyers rushed to court to prevent the child snatching.

Changed Circumstances. One of our clients founded a very successful business and paid generous alimony to his ex-wife based on his firm’s booming revenue. When the business suffered a dramatic and substantial downturn, we went to court and, following depositions and mediation, obtained an 83% reduction in our client’s alimony obligation.


Child Custody. Our client and her husband held prominent positions in international organizations. One of our attorneys went to court and won custody of her children for our client, the daughter of the president of a South American country.


Same-Sex Dispute. After their five-year romantic relationship ended, the departing roommate demanded a property settlement from our client. We intervened and protected our client’s home and assets.


Division of Interest in a Business. A husband and wife built a business together. When the marriage failed, the wife left the business. We devised an agreement that assured her continued interest in the asset and provided her a stream of income in the form of alimony.


Enforcement of Child Support Award. Our client is a British citizen. Her former husband lives here and owns a home titled in a corporate name. After he failed to pay her the child support ordered by a London court, we had the British court order enrolled in court here and obtained a judgment for the child support arrearage that will be collected on the sale of his house (now on the market).


Discovery of Hidden Assets. We accepted a divorce case “pro bono” for a woman with no assets. We discovered that her husband had a pension and owned property in Montgomery County titled in his name alone. We negotiated an agreement that resulted in a significant cash settlement for the client.


Saving a Business. We represented a woman who ran a successful consulting business. She had, for a time, employed her husband in the business but eventually fired him. He claimed that he had added value to her business and was entitled to an interest in it. She claimed that his efforts had hurt the business. We negotiated an agreement that preserved the business for her and waived his interest in it.


Pension Benefits. We represented a woman who sacrificed career opportunities to raise children and support her husband’s business. When they separated, she had no pension for herself. We negotiated an agreement and obtained a court order assuring that when the husband retired, the wife would receive half of the marital portion of his pension.


Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law Matters • Montgomery County, Rockville, MD Lawyers

From Rockville, Maryland law offices, our experienced lawyers handle sensitive family law matters including separation; divorce; divorce mediation; custody; visitation; child support; spousal support; paternity; property division; adoption; pre-nuptial agreements; post-nuptial agreements; division of pensions and stock options; valuation of businesses and other assets; and termination of parental rights throughout Washington, D.C. and Maryland, including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Calvert County, Carroll County, Charles County, Frederick County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, St. Mary’s County.


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