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Personal Injury Law Articles

Representative Cases – Personal Injury

Representative accident and personal injury law cases we have successfully handled for clients: wrongful death, unauthorized use of "glamor" photograph, duty of care for D.C. Child Protective Services in wrongful death of child, slip and fall, and more...

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Defective Truck Equipment and Brake Failure

The most common contributors to truck accidents include brake, steering or equipment failure and/or driver fatigue.

Truck owners, truck drivers, and trucking companies are required to adhere to standards and rules regulated by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Federal regulations restrict the number of hours a truck driver can be on the road, regulate how a trick is loaded - and require strict adherence to truck maintenance schedules.

Maryland State truck safety rules regulate weight restrictions on roads and bridges and dictate which lanes a truck must use on roads.

Out attorneys are familiar with federal and state trucking regulations. We know how to prepare a case and show when regulations and guidelines have been ignored. For example, when a truck is involved in an accident we check to see if it was properly maintained or there was a history of maintenance problems or failed equipment... Read the rest of this entry »

Accident Statistics Involving Large Trucks

Statistics on the number of crashes and fatal accidents involving trucks in the United States.

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Truck Underride Crashes

In an underride crash, a passenger vehicle goes partially or wholly under a truck or trailer. When this happens the likelihood of the car's occupants suffering fatal injuries or serious injuries is significantly increased.

A 1997 Institute study of fatal crashes between large trucks and passenger vehicles estimated that underride occurred in half of these crashes. Of the underride crashes, 57 percent involved the front of the truck, 22 percent involved the rear, and 20 percent the side...

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Attorneys Fees

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Defamation of a Plaintiff

A lawsuit for defamation has the following basic elements: (1) making a false statement (2) about a person (3) to others, and (4) actual damages (if the harm to the person is not apparent). There is a fifth element when the person is a public official or public figure. The person who made the statement has to have made it with a known or reckless disregard of the truth. This article discusses the second element, about a person. The person who brings a lawsuit is commonly known as the plaintiff. Accordingly, in a lawsuit for defamation, the defamatory statement must be reasonably understood to be of and concerning the plaintiff.

Sometimes it is easy to prove...

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Defense of Others

In an action against a defendant for an intentional tort, such as battery, the defendant may defend the action by claiming that he or she acted in self-defense. Similarly, under some circumstances, a defendant may claim defense of others as a defense. Defense of others is a proper defense when the person the defendant was trying to defend would have been justified in using force to defend himself or herself. Read the rest of this entry »

Torts in Hockey

Hockey is one of the more dangerous sports in which one can participate. It also involves a risk of injury to spectators at the ice rink as well. This article addresses the potential recovery by spectators and participants for injuries that they might receive during a game. This article discusses ways in which ice rink owners may be accountable to spectators and players who are injured at their ice rinks. Read the rest of this entry »

Federal Volunteer Protection Act – Punitive and Noneconomic Damages

Can I sue a volunteer worker for a personal injury, an accident, or for a wrongful death? The federal Volunteer Protection Act (VPA) limits punitive damage awards against volunteers in cases in which they are not immune from liability. The VPA provides that punitive damages may not be awarded against a volunteer in a case in which he has harmed a person while performing services for a nonprofit organization or governmental entity, unless the plaintiff establishes by clear and convincing evidence that the harm was caused by...

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Liability of Partners and Joint Venturers

What is the legal liability of partners and joint venturers in personal injury actions against the business owners?

Generally, each member of a partnership or joint venture is vicariously liable for the wrongful conduct of another member if the wrongful conduct occurs within the scope and course of the affairs of the partnership or joint venture. Therefore, each member of a partnership or joint venture will be liable for personal injuries caused by another member's negligence if the negligence occurs within the scope and course of the affairs of the business. For example ...

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