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Distracted Driver Car Accident Attorneys, Rockville

It is not only illegal to use a handheld cell phone or text while driving in Maryland, it is extremely dangerous because looking away from the road for even a brief moment can lead to an accident. In some accidents caused by illegal texting, authorities have been able to correlate the exact time a text was sent to the time of the accident, establishing liability beyond a shadow of a doubt. This may or may not be a viable option in your case, but there are other ways to establish that the texting driver was at fault... Read the rest of this entry »

Maryland Auto Insurance Coverage Laws

Information about Maryland auto insurance law / legal requirements for car insurance coverage for all motor vehicles registered in Maryland. The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF) provides automobile insurance to Maryland residents that have been turned down by two insurance companies or cancelled by one. To get more information on how to insure your vehicle... Read the rest of this entry »

Maryland Legal Help – Links and Resources

Links to legal resources and information in Maryland. Read the rest of this entry »

What happens when you call our law offices?

This article offers information about the legal process from when you call to settlements and filing a lawsuit.

At the first meeting we obtain general information about your accident: how it happened, who was involved; the nature of your injuries; your health care providers; insurance information; witnesses; the damage to your automobile if a car was involved. (Try to get pictures of the damage.) It is very important that you tell us all the facts, even those that you think might hurt your case. Remember that all of our conversations are confidential and are protected by attorney-client privilege...

Read the rest of this entry »