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Truck Underride Crashes

In an underride crash, a passenger vehicle goes partially or wholly under a truck or trailer. When this happens the likelihood of the car's occupants suffering fatal injuries or serious injuries is significantly increased.

A 1997 Institute study of fatal crashes between large trucks and passenger vehicles estimated that underride occurred in half of these crashes. Of the underride crashes, 57 percent involved the front of the truck, 22 percent involved the rear, and 20 percent the side...

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Binding Arbitration Clauses in Nursing Home Patient Contracts

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Attorneys Fees

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FAQs About Powers of Attorney

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Federal Volunteer Protection Act – Punitive and Noneconomic Damages

Can I sue a volunteer worker for a personal injury, an accident, or for a wrongful death? The federal Volunteer Protection Act (VPA) limits punitive damage awards against volunteers in cases in which they are not immune from liability. The VPA provides that punitive damages may not be awarded against a volunteer in a case in which he has harmed a person while performing services for a nonprofit organization or governmental entity, unless the plaintiff establishes by clear and convincing evidence that the harm was caused by...

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Liability of Partners and Joint Venturers

What is the legal liability of partners and joint venturers in personal injury actions against the business owners?

Generally, each member of a partnership or joint venture is vicariously liable for the wrongful conduct of another member if the wrongful conduct occurs within the scope and course of the affairs of the partnership or joint venture. Therefore, each member of a partnership or joint venture will be liable for personal injuries caused by another member's negligence if the negligence occurs within the scope and course of the affairs of the business. For example ...

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What happens when you call our law offices?

This article offers information about the legal process from when you call to settlements and filing a lawsuit.

At the first meeting we obtain general information about your accident: how it happened, who was involved; the nature of your injuries; your health care providers; insurance information; witnesses; the damage to your automobile if a car was involved. (Try to get pictures of the damage.) It is very important that you tell us all the facts, even those that you think might hurt your case. Remember that all of our conversations are confidential and are protected by attorney-client privilege...

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