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Family Law Articles

Representative Cases – Family Law

Representative family law and domestic cases we have successfully handled for clients: child custody, child support, discovery of hidden assets, division of pension funds and business assets, and more...

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International Adoption – Overview

The process of adopting a child from a foreign country is far more complicated than adopting a child who is a United States citizen. Prospective parents who wish to adopt a foreign child must comply with the laws of the child's home country, the laws of the United States, and the laws of the prospective parents' state of residence. This article gives an overview of the steps and processes involved in foreign adoptions. Read the rest of this entry »

Child Support and the Military

Enforcement of child support with respect to active military personnel is different than that of enforcement of civilian child support. First and foremost, locating the military individual can be difficult...

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Legal Malpractice and Divorce

In divorce actions, legal malpractice may occur. If a client suspects that her attorney is liable for malpractice, she may file a civil malpractice action against the attorney or may file a complaint with the State Bar Association. Read the rest of this entry »

Gifts to Grandchildren

The grandparents may give their grandchild a straight monetary gift of up to $11,000 each year without subjecting the grandchild to tax on the gifted money. The grandparents also do not have to report the gift. Each grandparent may give each of their grandchildren $11,000 per year. For example, the grandparents may give a total of $66,000 to their three grandchildren if each grandparent gives each grandchild the maximum monetary gift of $11,000. Other ways grandparents can help grandchildren tax free... Read the rest of this entry »

Fraud During a Marriage or Relationship and Transmissions of a Serious Disease

Many states have recognized a cause of action for fraud during a marriage or relationship. Specifically, some states have recognized a plaintiff's claim that they were induced to have sex with a defendant based upon the defendant's representations as to his health or fertility. The states that permit this claim on the basis that the plaintiff did not actually consent to having sexual relations with the defendant. Moreover, the plaintiff may file a claim for assault or battery in addition filing a fraud claim. Read the rest of this entry »

What happens when you call our law offices?

This article offers information about the legal process from when you call to settlements and filing a lawsuit.

At the first meeting we obtain general information about your accident: how it happened, who was involved; the nature of your injuries; your health care providers; insurance information; witnesses; the damage to your automobile if a car was involved. (Try to get pictures of the damage.) It is very important that you tell us all the facts, even those that you think might hurt your case. Remember that all of our conversations are confidential and are protected by attorney-client privilege...

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