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Maryland & Washington D.C. Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers

No one wants to be injured, especially when that injury is the result of the negligence of another. Whether you’ve been injured in an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident, suffered a slip or fall due to dangerous premises or been injured due to a defective products, the attorneys at Ain & Stein are here to help. Over the years they have secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for injured clients, and are to put their education, experience and skills to work for you.

The lawyers at Ain & Stein accept personal injury cases as common as car or truck accidents and as complex as cases of medical malpractice and defective drugs involving tragic mistakes by doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies resulting in life-changing injuries or premature death.

Some law firms advertise for tort cases on television and do a large volume of business.  Often at those firms, cases are managed by paralegals or other staffers, and clients rarely if ever see their lawyers.  At Ain & Stein, from the time of your initial interview with Michael Ain or Gary Stein, your case is handled personally by a lawyer with twenty-five years of experience, assisted by their able, experienced staff.  It is a tribute to their skills and success that nearly all of Ain & Stein’s personal injury clients were referred by other satisfied clients or by lawyers familiar with the results Ain & Stein have achieved for clients.

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  • Death of a Five Year Old. Michael lived in an apartment in Southeast Washington.  Alone in a screened-in room on a hot summer day, he fell through the ill-fitting screen four stories to his death.  The building owner denied responsibility and claimed that the child had jumped.  Michael Ain took the case to trial and a jury awarded a substantial verdict to the child’s estate and his mother.
  • Truck Accident. A young man was repairing a flat tire on the shoulder of the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County when a large tractor trailer slammed into his vehicle and he was permanently paralyzed from the neck down.  The truck company and its driver denied responsibility.  After filing a lawsuit, Gary Stein obtained a settlement of $4.8 million shortly before trial.
  • Slip and Fall. A fast food restaurant failed to clear its parking lot of ice several days following a snowstorm.  A patron, a talented softball player,  slipped and fell on “black ice” and lost his eye.  Mr. Stein won a verdict at trial of over $1 million and then won an appeal of the case in the Fourth Federal Circuit Court.
  • Neck and Shoulder Injuries. Linda was permitted to enter a Metro station where a gate rail track, difficult to see, lay on the floor.  She tripped over the track and sustained serious neck and shoulder injuries. Although WMATA (Metro) blamed Linda for not looking where she was going, Michael Ain won a substantial verdict at trial.  Such verdicts help convince large corporate defendants to make their products and services safer.
  • Unauthorized Use of Photograph. An attractive young lady had a “glamour” photo taken of herself in a negligee as a Christmas present for her new husband.  She was shocked and humiliated when the photographer posted the photo in a shopping mall to advertise his services.  Gary Stein took the case to trial and won a verdict that taught the photographer an expensive lesson.
  • Duty of D.C. Child Protective Services. A young child starved to death while under the care of his father, a drug addict.  The estranged mother had alerted the D.C. Child Protective Services agency that her children were in danger and not being fed. The agency failed to investigate.  The District of Columbia denied responsibility for the death, claiming that it owed no special duty to the children or their mother.  The case was thrown out of court.  Gary Stein co-authored the appeal brief that led to a Court of Appeals decision reversing the trial court and holding that the agency did owe a special duty to the children once it had been notified of the specific danger.  See Turner v. D.C., 532 A.2d 662 (D.C. 1987).


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